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Did you know your body is beautiful? Drawing with Lori last night opened my eyes to the beauty. We started out welcoming our model, Debra. Started out 1-minute-drawing then 3-minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes.

I'm a beginner and not knowing anything about drawing. I had a great time swinging lines, looking at the curves and knowing more about our body.

Here' comes Lori's shot.

Here comes our shot. Mine is on the left and Steve's on the right.

Come join us! It will change your perception!

Next Tuesday 7-9 PM.

"This is the best art studio drawing I've been to!" - Debra Torger, model.

Thank you for visiting our studio's Origami Halloween creations!

We had a fun origami experience by making Halloween models and meet a bunch of trick-or-treaters.

From left Ruby-the Origami Princess, me-Crane Diva, Hero Mom, Spider Man, Captain America, and hmmmm..., what is this hero name?

Adult trick-or-treaters were in the house! Sandy popped up with my origami hat!

Thank you for all your visits!

I never thought Halloween was this fun! Can't wait for the next year!

Ooops, before that we must do Holiday Origami events.

Coming soon!!

- Poetry Slam at Origami Air ... Thursday, November 30 (7PM)

- Holiday Origami Tree Up ... December

- Holiday Origami Gift Box Workshop ... Thursday, November 16 (7PM)

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Keep Folding!


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