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Origami Spooky Forest

Halloween is coming! My Origami Air Team is making a bunch of Halloween origami models.

One of models gave us the joy of wet-folding. Ruby and I made Happy Good-luck Bat designed by Michael Lafosse (Genius master!). Wet-folding allow us to a fold thicker paper. There are several ways to do this technique. I chose to smudge wet paper napkin to creases a couple creases at a time. If you'd like to know more about wet-folding technique check the page by British Origami Society.

At Origami Air Art Studio, we continue to fold for Halloween Spooky Forest. You will see them all at the studio!!

Come to see it at the studio on the Halloween Weekend at 5-9 PM!!

(No worries. It's kids friendly fun and cute!)

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