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Origami Halloween

Thank you for visiting our studio's Origami Halloween creations!

We had a fun origami experience by making Halloween models and meet a bunch of trick-or-treaters.

From left Ruby-the Origami Princess, me-Crane Diva, Hero Mom, Spider Man, Captain America, and hmmmm..., what is this hero name?

Adult trick-or-treaters were in the house! Sandy popped up with my origami hat!

Thank you for all your visits!

I never thought Halloween was this fun! Can't wait for the next year!

Ooops, before that we must do Holiday Origami events.

Coming soon!!

- Poetry Slam at Origami Air ... Thursday, November 30 (7PM)

- Holiday Origami Tree Up ... December

- Holiday Origami Gift Box Workshop ... Thursday, November 16 (7PM)

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Keep Folding!

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