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5 levels of workshops, from beginner to advanced, are offered at the Origami Air Art Studio. Each level is taught so that the student can proceed to the next level and each student moves forward at his/her own speed.

From lectures about origami to poetry slams, storytelling and music, OrigamiAir Art Studio presents experimental works eager to be expressed!


The art of paper folding from around the world will be shown.  Using cutting edge, space-saving furniture and fixtures as well as LED lighting, we are able to make the best origami exhibit the artists and viewers deserve.


In addition to Origami Art exhibitions, we are passionate about celebrating the world of visual arts.

We present artists who inspire us; recently, we showcased the work of local painters Lucy Barber, Vicki Chelf, Lori Loveberry George, Dana Lag and Mary Sencabaugh to name a few.

We take requests for origami designs for theatre productions, weddings or anything you like.


A variety of artists offer workshops at Origami Air. Each class is in small groups of up to 15. If you seek an uplifting and creative art experience in a friendly environment, be sure to check our events page or follow us on FaceBook.


If you're looking for an affordable space for lectures, small parties or presentations, Origami Air Art Studio is the place for you. We offer a 1000 sq ft studio space, seating up to 50, full ADA access bathroom, wide range of lighting equipment, ample parking. Call/text 941-468-4049 for more details.

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