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Origami & Math

Origami is highly mathematical. Each fold creates different shapes, angles, and sides. Fractions repeat. 2-dimensional shapes turn into 3-dimensional shapes.  Educators around the world use origami as a creative learning tool. Award-winning origami artist & performer Kuniko will demonstrate origami models with step-by-step instructions. Students will identify shapes & attributions of shapes, and discover them on their own folded patterns. Foundational concepts of fractions will be emphasized with each folding step, promoting the reciprocal relationship between origami and math.

[PREVIEW] Origami & Math for 2nd Grade Fractions

​[PREVIEW] Origami & Math for Grade 3-5 Fractions

Origami & Math VIDEO index
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​Grade K - 1 :  Hands-On Making Origami Shapes & Colors
​          -  To see the video please email


​Grade 2 : Hands-On Making Origami Star & Polygon        

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Grade 3: Hands-On Making Origami Teddy Bear for extending knowledge of Shapes and Their Attributes

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Grade 5: Hands-On Making Origami Wallet 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8. Students will apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions. 

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