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Sign Up For Lori Loveberry George's Figure Drawing Workshop on Aug 11-12, 2018.

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Course Description:

In this 2 day intensive workshop, students work from observation of the model. Students learn and practice proportion and anatomy, sighting and measuring techniques, gesture, composition, and modeling value with light and shadow. Explore mark making techniques with a variety of graphite, charcoal, and Conté crayon. Progress is evaluated in group and individual critiques.


Learning Goals:

  • Learn gesture and analytical drawing methods

  • Learn sighting and measuring techniques

  • Create value and planes of the figure with light source and shadows

  • Explore range of drawing materials and their mark making capabilities

  • Basic skill in the use of materials, techniques, and processes related to figure drawing.

  • Understanding application of composition principles

  • Application of negative/positive and value relationships.

  • Make effective assessments with individual and group

The workshop is $150 per person; this includes the undraped model fee.

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