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Every Monday at New College, a group of origami enthusiasts fold exciting models. Sonia Wu is the passionate, soulful host.

10 pointed star by Tomoko Fuse

Thank you so much for having me and for a great friendly origami time.

Humble Beginnings:

We started from this small building in the heart of Sarasota, next to The Ringling College of Art and Design. The building structure and design was simple enough to be remodel into a studio. I never imagined how much trouble would be involved in a project like this! But hey, I had a great architect/contractor team and friends to support my passion! I said I'm gonna do it! And I did.

Inside: The original space had one bath, a small living room, three unnesasary bedrooms and I needed more space.

So I knocked down the wall!

Combining the side bedroom and the main space to create a huge studio space. There will be room for 50 seats.

The Addition: Next, I added 600 square foot space. We began construction after a complicated cycle of permits and inspections.

What a mess. We ended up spending way more time and money here then expected. After being given a green light by the county to begin construction, we were told we could not remove a tree. This among other things is sure to though us off budget for the rest of the project.

The walls are up:

Sturdy walls that will soon contain the wiring for our energy efficient lighting, and water saving fixtures.

Next comes windows and doors. Thank you to PGT for our special Hurricane windows. Impact resistant and soundproof, making the inside completely silent despite being so close to a highway. perfect for recording sound and video.

Uhhh... beauty!


Time For Some Help:

Inside walls, doors, stage lighting, and bathroom are not completed yet. I put all my love and money into it. Now its time to finish the job.

Time for a fundraiser and another adventure!

Help us get started with INDIEGOGO


The Future:

Construction will continue as the money becomes available. Keep an eye on our Facebook for the most recent construction news.



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