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Origami Rocks the Schools

It started 10 years (or more) ago. My performance was Japanese Storytelling with mime, mask, music and origami. During this show, origami grabbed audience heart more than any other, so I decided to do origami for entire show -that's how my 'Origami Tales' was born.

Not only at theaters but at schools, origami was successful because kids loved it. Something is in origami. Undeniably attract Visual/Spatial learners, Kinesthetic learners, Logical/Mathematical learners and Intrapersonal Learners.

At Commack and Huntington Schools in NY; the 3rd graders saw my show and took Origami Workshop to learn about Japan, Geometry, and the Art of Paper-folding.

Right before the St Patrick's Day, I was at the Sawmill Intermediate School. My 2 days of show and workshop trained a bunch of young origami gurus. Afterwards, I made this instant origami instruction video.

Big thanks to Mrs.Walsh to help my spontaneous idea and hold my ipad video. Let's rock!

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