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Origami Centerpiece Fever

Welcome to my centerpiece madness!

I was teaching origami to Sarasota Ballet Dance The Next Generation kids. They did so good that the director asked me to make origami centerpiece for their fundraiser with the origami kids folded. Here I come!! Gathering Origami notebooks that kids made page by page. Lisa and David plus a bunch of dedicating volunteers at Sarasota Ballet joined me to put the notebooks together like a bouquet of flowers.

Kids- they are the young 3rd grade and up dancers. Sarasota Ballet has a fantastic program in addition to their regular ballet company classes. It's a college scholarship that if you stick with the ballet classes for 10 years, you'd receive scholarship to go to college.

The madness was that making 26 of them!!

At the luncheon, every participant take home one of the handmade notebooks.

The fever started from previous event for different organization, Arts Alliance.

The event was Principal's Luncheon. The Arts Alliance and the school school board annual event to promote arts in schools. Their theme this year was "Arts=Success".

I designed the centerpiece to tell a story. Arts and academics are like the affair of our right and left side brains that made out of diverted ideas and new information like a colorful unit origami. We are the educators to provide the best according to the research done. Students in high arts participation high school rate is 4% 5 times lower than low arts participation students. The comparison shows 4 times success in academic achievement. And it applies to the future of Sarasota. The children of from around the world in Sarasota are here to receive the best of our effort. Here's my creation - and don't let me take all credit. I had passionate Arts Alliance members to fold the Sonobe origami unit! Thanks to Anne Clair, Barbara, Lu and Carol! (23 centerpiece with 36 unit origami each were a lot!!)

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